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Unfortunately, he had underestimated the prices and we were only able to get salads. Now that I’ve set the bar really high, here are a few more basic things to do or not do on a first date. We left a little hungry so I was relieved when he pulled up to a Mickey D’s drive up window and ordered fries. It is told from the point of view of the woman because that’s what I know best. Pining Pam shouldn’t have to wonder: Are we on a date or aren’t we?

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If there’s a spark, find out if there’s fire by meeting in person — sooner than later.“It’s like an audition,” notes one experienced dating diva.In a way, she’s right: The first meeting is about establishing a rapport and seeing if there’s chemistry.Plan instead to drive, take the bus, walk or bike to your date - especially if the date is a first time meeting.Then at the end of the date, if the sparks aren't flying, you aren't obliged to accept their offer of transportation.Learn how to enjoy all of your dates with these safe dating tips you might not have thought of.


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