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At one point, however, Holmes gives an interesting glimpse into at least part of the reasoning behind his decision to launch the podcast.One recent girlfriend was very adamant that I was a narcissist.Out here in LA, sometimes it's like everybody's looking to make beats. A beat goes along with the blues, but I don't know how to make a beat. At the end of the day, I wanted to have stuff that was deeper, really concentrating more on melodies. JB: Yeah, they're lyric-writing dudes in the way they put words together and their song structure. I learned a lot about songwriting just by hanging around those cats. If I'm going to make a record, then I'm going to write it. MR: Joe, did you use any new technology or approaches on this album?A lot of times with this kind of music, it's like, "When's the solo? MR: Are co-writes going to become a more frequent approach in the future? JB: I think as a singer, every time I record an album, I get a little more confident. JB: I always have Kevin Shirley, Anton Fig plays drums on the record, Carmine Rojas plays the bass, this time Reese Wynans plays keyboards, those kind of guys are a really great support cast.The most famous club in rock history, the Whisky à Go Go on the Sunset Strip, launched a generation of music, from the Byrds and Buffalo Springfield to Frank Zappa and the Doors.The Sunset Strip is officially a no cruising zone, as cautionary white signs remind you ev­ery quarter-mile or so.Mick Jagger and Steve Mc Queen held court from its tufted red booths.Beautiful girls frugged in cages above its dance floor.

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you,” says Valentine, though not with the combustive anger of the salty and aged, more the sighing bemusement of an enlightened old-timer whoʼs thinking, Jeez, loosen up, kids; you see more when you take it slow. But we just got done playing a big gig at Red Rocks with a nine-piece band that was killing. MR: Did you approach recording any differently this time around? We used a horn band, but we only recorded four-piece. JB: Yeah, we've always been comfortable with a three or four piece.I could've said, "What a great night this was for me," but when I walked off stage, I said, "What a great night for the blues," because here's a proof of concept. Just when they're about to write us off and put us at the Kennedy center honors, honoring the great works of John Philip Sousa and the entire genre that is the blues for a half hour, these cats like Gary and Derek and Susan and a few others figure out a way to make it relevant again.Ninety-seven hundred people paid to hear blues music again. I think it's actually in a really healthy state at the moment. JB: You have to be yourself, and you have to find your own path through it all.Obviously I'm a guitar player who sings, not a singer who plays, that's a big distinction, but every time we do one of these records I become more confident as a singer. MR: I think you're still a rising star at this point. JB: The wacky thing about it, we saw this at Red Rocks--ninety-seven hundred people paid to see the blues.


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