Fines for physician medical records dating

The fees that may be charged for preparation and production of medical records may be adjusted annually for inflation using the Consumer Price Index on July 1 of each year.Beginning January 1, 2014, adjusted rates for medical record copying are as follows: a preparation fee of no more than .88 (Please note that preparation fees can be charged to hospitals and insurance companies, but NOT patients.), plus a fee of no more than 76 cents per page copied, plus the actual cost of shipping and handling.Never let the fear of being found negligent override your duty to keep accurate medical records.(1) A medical practitioner or medical corporation must, in accordance with this Part and Schedule 4, make and keep a record, or ensure that a record is made and kept, for each patient of the medical practitioner or medical corporation.

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Health care providers are required to comply with subpoenas, and no fee may be charged to transfer the records of Medicaid recipients to another provider.(4) If a medical corporation contravenes this Part or Schedule 4, the person appointed under this clause to be responsible for record keeping by the corporation at the time of the contravention is taken to have contravened the provision that the corporation contravened.(1) A record must be made contemporaneously with the provision of the medical treatment or other medical service or as soon as practicable afterwards.(1) A medical corporation must, by written notice given to the Medical Council, appoint a medical practitioner to be responsible for record keeping by the corporation.The medical corporation is guilty of an offence if such an appointment is not in force at any time. (2) The notice of appointment must be accompanied by a notice of acceptance of the appointment signed by the appointed person.(2) A contravention of subclause (1) by a medical practitioner does not constitute an offence but may constitute behaviour for which health, conduct or performance action may be taken.


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